Choose the right CMOS camera
with the best CMOS advice

About Allied Vision: Founded in 1989, Allied Vision designs, produces and sells cameras and components for image processing in industrial and life science applications. Allied Vision is at your side throughout the life cycle of your image-processing project. Our specialists provide expert advice, engineering, manufacturing and support for digital cameras, their peripherals and their integration into your machine vision system.

The Mako offers a wide variety of models with next generation CMOS sensors. But which one is right for you?Trust our imaging experts to help you compare the differences and select the perfect sensor for your application.

"The Mako cameras worked perfectly, reliably, and delivered high-quality images with high frame rates."

Pablo Callejo, VP of Sales, STT Systems

12 Mako cameras were used at the FINA World Championships in Barcelona to capture and analyze swimmer data.

Easy integration

Choose between two plug-and-play interfaces (GigE VisionTM or USB3 VisionTM) for an easy integration into standard image processing systems. 

SDK for novice and advanced users

Choose between our free Vimba SDK for a unique combination of graphical user interface with a GenICam-based SDK, or connect to a third-party software of your choice. 

3-year warranty

We have you covered with a 3-year warranty and excellent customer support to help you get the most out of our featured-packed CMOS cameras.

Advanced camera features

Mako CMOS cameras offer advanced features including camera temperature monitoring, pixel defect masking, separate ROI for auto features for all your application requirements.

High resolution and fast frame rates

Get the best of CMOS sensor technology with excellent image quality, resolutions up to 5 Megapixels, and frame rates up to 550 fps for the most demanding applications.

Latest CMOS sensor technologies

Mako cameras feature the latest CMOS sensor technologies from renowned manufacturers (Sony, CMOSIS, e2V, OnSemi Python).

25+ years of imaging experience

We have a long track record in delivering imaging solutions for machine vision application from robotics, to quality control, inspection, surveillance, industrial imaging, logistics, and much more. That includes a digital camera, but also the right lens, the right connectivity hardware and the right software interface. Our job is to reliably deliver the image you need, when you need it and how you need it.

Contact our experts to discuss your application's requirements and find the best imaging solution to match your needs.