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The new Goldeye G-033 is the fastest and smallest Short-wave Infrared (SWIR) camera with GigE Vision interface on the market. Its design combines high performance with a small form factor that allows for easy integration into many applications. 

With more than 300 frames per second at full resolution (640 x 512) and its flexibility to increase the frame rate above 13,750 fps by applying a reduced region of interest (ROI) the Goldeye G-033 will allow you to speed up processes in many industries.

Flexible & Feature-Rich
Its compact, industrial and fan-less design (55mm x 55mm x 78mm) makes the Goldeye the smallest GigE Vision SWIR camera on the market. It features flexible lens-mount solutions for a wider choice of optics. Simplified filter assembly, industrial connectors with locking functionality, and multiple camera mounting options ensure easy integration into your imaging system.

The camera provides a rich set of features ensuring high quality, low-noise images in a wide range of infrared applications from semiconductor to hot-end glass inspection, hyperspectral imaging, and many more. Features include automated 14-bit on-board image pre-processing, flexible frame rate control including ROI selection, active sensor temperature control, and an extended operating temperature range (-20°C to 55°C).

The new Allied Vision Goldeye G-033 high-speed camera is the fastest VGA resolution short wave infrared camera (SWIR) with GigE Vision interface. It is especially designed for imaging in industrial applications. Please fill the form below to get the full specifications!

Plug & Play
Goldeye cameras come with a GigE Vision® interface for easy system integration, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) to reduce cabling efforts. They are GenICam™ compliant, which means they are compatible with your preferred industrial image processing software. Or, you can also choose to use Allied Vision's free VIMBA Software Development Kit.


Industrial Machine Vision


Chemical (Gas, Plastic, Foil)
Glass Production


Scientific & Medical


Hyperspectral Imaging
Laserbeam Profiling
Airborne Remote Sensing
Art Inspection

Security & Traffic Surveillance

Vision Enhancement

Night Vision
Road Tolling
Red Light Enforcement
Driver Assistance Systems

Application Examples for the New Goldeye SWIR Camera

About Allied Vision Technologies: Allied Vision Technologies is one of the world leading manufacturers of high-performance digital cameras for industrial image processing. AVT offers a wide range of machine vision cameras with digital interfaces for industrial inspection, automation, medical imaging, scientific research, traffic monitoring, security, and many other demanding applications. Our high-quality FireWire cameras, Gigabit Ethernet cameras, and Camera Link cameras offer high image quality, outstanding reliability and a very high value for money both in the visible and non-visible spectrum (infrared).

Meet Allied Vision’s New High-speed SWIR Camera

The Fastest and smallest GigE Vision camera with InGaAs sensor